Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Bernard and Hazel Hull

bernard-hazel-hullOnce again we are excited to welcome back our beloved brother and sister, Bernard and Hazel Hull, for another time of fellowship and teaching!  This year it will be as part of our annual family camp, August 10-13,  2017 (see our home page for more details).

Bernard and Hazel Hull presently live in England. Bernard is a gifted speaker with an insightful and deep ministry of the Word. He has been in the ministry since the early 1960s, beginning in the charismatic revival in Britain. He has been involved in the pioneering of various new churches. As a revelatory Bible expositor, Bernard is a great help and blessing in these last days when the Church seeks to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Those who sit under his ministry come away with a life-changing and profound sense of the wonder of their God and their place in His scheme of things. The hungry are fed not only with milk but with meat. The fruits of his ministry include many men and women in the mission field, in the ministry and in the ordinary walks of life who maintain a godly and close walk with God.

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